Truly understand the new business challenges that we will face - but we are on the same boat that why we have to work closely to be a head of our competitors.

Design Collection provides textiles ranging from basic to the latest fashion trends for the three main business sectors: The junior market, the contemporary market and the missy market.  Design Collection is a trendsetter in developing new fabric qualities and has the ability to create special designs to serve our costumers ever changing requests and needs. When combined, Design Collection's in house studio designs, their European studios designs and a vast selection of woven and knit novelty items is one of the largest textile collections in the U.S.A.

Design Collection has a team of highly professional management and technical staff that operates efficiently within a standardized working system. The company is in a continuous process of expansion, enhancement and incorporating the latest technological innovations in order to ensure costumer receive the best possible quality in their products.

Quality, competitive price and timely delivery, remains the veritable keyword of the company. Everythig the company has  achieved and continues to build today is derived from its commitment to quality and it's endeavor to integrate all processes of production under its own roof.

Design Collection does not have one single strategy to compete against so many and such diverse rivals in the garment industry; most of our business strategies boil down to what can be best expressed with a single sentence:

Always strive harder to satisfy our costumer's requirements.

Our commitment to service and quality, and our leadership within the markets in which we participate pave the way to proven results: the satisfaction of our costumers, our success, and our growth.

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